Colorful Sea Turtle and Blue Crab custom made Driftwood Coffee Table

Regular price $2,799.00

The sea turtle and the crab coffee table is a fanciful play on the traditional tortoise and hare theme. Inhabiting the near shore waters surrounding the South Padre Island and Port Mansfield jetties, both the Sea Turtle and Blue Crab can be see together nibbling on crustaceans and taking cover in floating driftwood. An extra added detail on this beautiful table is the way the driftwood branches breach above the top of the glass, the way a real piece of floating driftwood would break the surface of the water.  17.5" high,  36" diameter, 1/2 inch glass, stainless steel posts and caps.


Additional Info: Custom Furniture items are all made to order so they may slightly vary in style, and arrangement. These items do not ship.