LagunaFlage Full Camo Redfish Tail

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LagunaFlage is high performance..when we say that, this is what we mean..
1. SPF 40, and they only come in long sleeve, because when the sun starts baking, burnt arms are no fun.
2. NO SHRINK, NO FADE! Wear them in the salt, scorch them in the sun, they won't lose their color, and the artwork won't split, crack, or peel. The shirts are manufactured with die sublimation technology, so the threads of the fabric are impregnated with the ink on the artwork, it's not sitting on top like a silk screen or iron on..AND special bonus...NO sweaty patch of skin under the artwork either!
3. DRY WICK weave. Look closely at the fabric and you will see tiny mesh pockets of weave that make up the entire shirt. This means BREATHABILITY! And breathability means YOU STAY COOLER! The mesh fabric wicks away sweat, and air is allowed to pass through the shirt to your skin.
4. QUICK DRY. If you wade fish like we do, you'll also appreciate how quickly LagunaFlage shirts dry when you get back on the boat or up on shore. Its the fabric mesh coming to the rescue again.
5. 100% POLYESTER. Wash it over and over and over. LagunaFlage will resist staining AND it will keep its shape AND it will not shrink in the dryer!
6. IT LOOKS COOL!..I know, I know, we weren't necessarily going for the "cool" or "wow" factor when we started out, but we ended up with an incredibly cool looking shirt, that makes its way out at night to restaurants, the movies, football games, and wherever you need to be comfortable, cool, and stylish and show off your love for fishing. 
7. LOTS OF OPTIONS!..with three designs and four colors to choose from, and ranging from XS V-neck for the ladies to XXL for all you ex-sports players, you can have a LagunaFlage shirt for every day of the week and all occasions.
8. CUSTOMIZABLE..let us know if you would like to order LagunaFlage with your company or fishing team logo, and we will send you a custom quote. Its going to be a LagunaFlage nation!!
9. AFFORDABLE..Don't feel like you have to give the LagunaFlage shirt off your back when you're best friend, girlfriend, sibling or child wants can buy them one! At only $54.99, it's a great value for a high quality shirt.