Sail Fish Chasing Flying Fish

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The sailfish is easy to identify because of its huge, sail-like dorsal fin which extends almost the entire length of the body. The high-standing, prominent fin is dark blue with black dots in rows between the spines. The fish has a spear-like upper jay, a torpedo-shaped slender body and a forked tail. The back is dark bluish-green or bluish-purple shading to white. The sailfish is the most spectacular of all fighters. It jumps time and again, its entire body coming out of the water. They have a very short lifespan of only about 3 years or so. This Gyotaku Japanese trophy fish print is very special and hard to come by, as most anglers prefer to release these magnificent fish rather than to kill them. As an artist, I handle every species with reverence, but the Sailfish holds a special standing in the hearts of many billfish anglers.