Dorado/Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Chasing Flying Fish

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Absolutely, unquestionably, beyond doubt, the most striking feature of this prized fish is its beautiful and brilliant coloration, which pulses and changes as the fish is brought on deck. The colors range from yellow to metallic green to green-gold to dark blue with silvery markings. The brilliant coloration, which is brought on by excitement, quickly fades after the fish is removed from the water and dies. Dolphin roam the blue offshore water, which is why anglers troll bait to catch them. It being an aggressive fish, will readily hit artificial lures and then give a long hard run. It is a spectacular fighter and will jump repeatedly while being brought in. They only come into Texas waters in the summer, when our waters climb above 70 degrees. This Gyotaku Japanese Trophy Fish Print represents one of the finest fish in the Gulf of Mexico.