Reclaimed Shrimp Boat door and Blue Crab 10' Dining Table

Regular price $8,995.00

We did it again, we made another STUNNING and HUGE Conference Table, this one measuring 10 feet by 4 feet and seats 12! Made from reclaimed wood from a shrimp boat trawler, this wood is authentic and has been dragged for thousands of miles along the ocean floor by the outriggers of a Texas Gulf coast shrimp boat. The ocean has given it that special and unique look and feel that could not be created any other way. The wood has a lovely patina, and there still remains the original brass hardware of the wooden doors. Handcrafted with lots of labor and love. Tucked inside the worn wooden door you'll find a surprise! Two blue crabs have decided to hitch a ride!  30" high, 4'x10', 1/2 inch tempered glass, galvanized powder-coated base.


Additional Info: Custom Furniture items are all made to order so they may slightly vary in style, and arrangement. These items do not ship.